Your Journey when Selling

Your needs have changed. The idea of selling your property has entered your mind.

Your journey begins with us long before we place a For Sale board out the front of your home.

“What next”, you ask? What do I need to know about selling?

The current market is changing rapidly so working with a team you trust is paramount when either buying or selling what is commonly your most expensive asset.

Ahead of you making any final decisions, we will meet with you to discuss your goals, what your timing looks like, and give you guidance on what to do to prepare your property, and what not to do to ensure your investments are made wisely, to ensure the very best outcome.

Selling a home can be a very stressful experience, so it is always our goal to guide you and remove as many concerns as we possibly can with a carefully laid out plan.

Steps to Selling

Here are a few ideas to help you achieve a smooth transition:

  1. What does your timing look like? Even if you are still a way off your plans to sell, it is a great idea to get one of our team in for an obligation free appraisal and give you some ideas about the best way to market your property, and how to your prepare your home for market
  2. Where are you going next? When your home sells, where will you move to? Why not let us help you find your new home while putting in the groundwork to market your current property so one transaction rolls smoothly into the next? We are happy to advise you on the best way to manage both these transactions.
  3. Are there items that need to be attended to? Carrying out a few simple and inexpensive projects around the home can really make a difference to the final outcome of the sale. Ask our team, with building and renovating backgrounds, they are experts in small adjustments that achieve the best result for you. We will often guide you on where not to spend money, as well, as your time and effort may result in no return at all
  4. Have you found a trusted solicitor ready to act on your behalf? They will take care of all the legal side of your sale and keep you informed each step of the way.

Working with your team to put together the best plan to sell your home is the most important part of the whole process.

Some questions to ask include:

  1. What is the best selling method to suit my property?
  2. What are the agency fees for selling my property?
  3. What are the best marketing options for my style of property?
  4. How do we work out a realistic asking price?
  5. Will I get a better result with Open Homes or Private Inspections?

Now that your plan is in place, we can offer services to ensure you achieve the very best result possible.

  1. Did you know that we have access to a payment platform that offers a low (or no) interest
    loan that you can use to improve your home to prepare it for market and or take advantage
    of an optimum marketing plan? Talk to us today about that option.
  2. Is your home being sold vacant? A professionally staged home creates an inviting home for buyers to immediately imagine themselves living there and helps them establish the correct proportions in a home. Often an empty room will appear much smaller than it actually is and a Queen-sized bed can show that a room that feels small, is actually a great size.
  3. Were you aware that you can get a Building and Pest Inspection completed prior to your
    home being launched? An inspection ahead of time can give peace of mind that there is
    nothing hidden in the home that you weren’t aware of, and also provides a chance to rectify
    any items that come up that may be a concern to buyers. Prospective buyers can access this
    report and also have confidence stepping forward with the amount they are willing to offer,
    ensuring they don’t hold money back to address items are not problems at all. This process
    is a cost effective way to ensure that there is full transparency, alleviating disappointments
    along the way that can disrupt a contract. Talk to us about how this process works, it is
    definitely a worthwhile option to explore.

When you have made the decision to sell with our team, we will ask you to sign a letter of
engagement. We are legally unable to act on your behalf until that document is signed by all parties.

The steps from here are as streamlined as possible, to ensure we take as much stress out of the
process for you as we possibly can:

  1. As soon as practical, we alert all the qualified buyers who have missed out on other
    properties, and all other buyers who we know would suit your home. Private inspections can start before your launch.
  2. Your photos are now taken, your advertisement is finalised, your For Sale board is installed,
    and your property is loaded onto the internet.
  3. We will have already helped plan your viewing schedule and we will keep in contact with you
    about enquiries and any subsequent offers.
  4. You will receive regular written reports so you can be kept informed of the status of each
    buyer who has enquired.
  5. We will present ALL offers to you and give you the specific details for each. For example,
    one may be a cash offer with a short settlement time, and may suit you better if you are
    negotiating the purchase of another property, even if the price is slightly lower. In every
    case, the final decision is yours and yours alone.
  6. Once you have accepted an offer, your solicitor will carry out all the legal requirements and
    we will notify you of all dates, such as when the initial deposit is due, cooling off period,
    balance of deposit due, when the contract becomes unconditional and your settlement date.
  7. We will attend any inspections and the bank valuation (if required under the terms of the
    contract), as well as any pre-settlement inspection (if requested by the buyer).
  8. On settlement day, both your solicitor and the buyers’ solicitor will notify us in writing that
    the settlement has been affected and we will release any funds held in our Trust Account to
    you. We will hand over all keys to the new owner and the property has changed hands.

Time to celebrate! You are now ready to start the next chapter in your journey.

The Bartle Real Estate team are very happy to have assisted you in the journey to sell your home and we look forward to hearing about your next location.